What’s in the name? 

Peer [pronounced as ‘peer’] signify gathering of friends and Cloche [pronounced as ‘klohsh / klawsh’] Origin dates back to 1905-10 from French meaning bell, bell jar. It represents the glass covering / lid to keep food fresh. Peer Cloche serves freshly prepared gourmet food for children parties.   

Why order food from Peer Cloche for children parties?

Yes you have many options available out there serving good food – Caterers, near by restaurant or fast food joints, etc. But how many of them actually prepare and serve what the children truly deserve? As a parent you put in so much of effort to make your child’s celebrated moment memorable – thematize the event, décor, invite, dress code, activities, return gifts and much more. Why not the food as well? Peer cloche understands your need and hence for the first time ever, to complement the theme of your party, here is an avenue from where you can choose and order from a variety of thoughtfully crafted dishes, which are prepared fresh with child-appropriate taste to make food likeable by children of all ages.
Moreover, if you are looking for convenience at a children gathering, be it at a beach or at a park or even at home, you can opt for our Eatsy(3 portion) and Bitesy(5 portion) meal packs, each of them apt per child and convenient enough to handle.

How is Peer Cloche food different? 

We serve trendy kid-friendly food, styled to bring alive your child’s party theme. Be it an arty party, a sporty party, a party by the pool or a party about a favorite character, our food is styled to match every occasion. Like a pig shaped burger for an animal theme party or a mirror shaped pizza for little Snow White. Besides the look, each platter is also healthy, fresh and wholesome. 

 How does serving thematic food help? 

As parents we go all the way to make our kids parties and get-togethers theme based. If your child loves cars you get an elaborate car themed decor, play car games and give cars as return gifts. The food is the only element that is not styled as per the theme. Peer Cloche food helps you complete the look of your party and enhance the experience in an affordable price. Besides enhancing your party’s aesthetics, it has been observed that food with fun visual appeal leads to more willful eating. 

Are these food hygienic for children? 

Peer Cloche food is prepared with liberal helpings of love and care, by experienced resident chefs. Health and hygiene being the topmost concerns, high precaution is taken to maintain cleanliness in kitchen and freshness of ingredients. To ensure that children get to eat the best, all food items are cooked fresh prior to the order delivery.

What kind of ingredients does Peer Cloche use?

As we exclusively cook for children, Peer Cloche chooses not to compromise in any way on quality of ingredients and food prepared. Peer Cloche does not stock and deliver. Hence ingredients for every food item on our menu are sourced directly from the local market, thoroughly quality checked, prepared fresh as per the order and deliver.
Among meat products we use only halal certified chicken, which is largely preferred by parents and loved by children. By choice, we do not indulge in sea food and red meat food items, as children are most vulnarable to form complications by consumption of these. Moreover, we avoid fresh fruits as well, as they tend to go stale quickly after peeling or cut open, if not consumed immediately.
All our food items are free from preservatives and additives such as MSG.

Are the pictures of all food items real?

What you see is what you get. All food items are cooked using real ingredients and they are presented artistically with props relevant to the theme. Which we believe, will help you set the table accordingly at your party.

Can I make special requests for my order?

While we would have loved to accommodate your requests, our chefs will raise their eyebrows to do so. Our food listing is a outcome of a lot of hardwork and research. We are constantly working on improving and developing new food items in keeping with the ever changing trends. Needless to say we are open to suggestions that would help us grow and improve. Do share your experience with Peer Cloche.

Where does Peer Cloche deliver?

We are fresh from Mumbai, and currently delivering to select locations in Mumbai. Do check your pin code before ordering, to ensure you are within our reach. Do not be disheartned, if your pin-code is not mentioned. E-mail us your feedback with location details on customercare@peercloche.com
We are constatntly working, not only to reach out to our customers across Mumbai, but also working on expansion plans to reach out to other customers across major cities in India.

What time does Peer Cloche deliver?

At Peer Cloche we understand your need to serve freshly cooked food to your guests. To facilitate, while placing your order chosse the time slot that you want your order to be delivered. They are one hour time bands, so you can plan when you want your order, basis when you want to serve food to your guests.
Peer Cloche takes utmost care to ensure that your order is delivered on time as desired by you. For more details and terms refer to Delivery Policy.

Does Peer Cloche charge delivery charges?

Peer Cloche is a unique initiative that serves thematic food for children parties. All it’s food items are in platters of 12 or 24 units and does not serve single portion. Hence, Peer Cloche does charge Delivery Charge of Rs. 300/- for party orders below Rs. 1500/-. For more details and terms refer to Delivery Policy.

How many days in advance do I need to place my order on www.peercloche.com?

You can place your order on www.peercloche.com minimum three days in advance. For customized cakes and merchandise minimum 7 days in advance. Else the website is designed to not accept any orders for parties which are scheduled for less than three days from the order date and in case of customized cakes and merchandise less than 7 days from the order date.

Why do I need to place my orders minimum three days in advance and not on the day of the party?

Good question. As we informed earlier, we care for what the children eat and we serve what they deserve. At Peer Cloche, we do not stock and deliver stale food. Hence we choose not to accept order on the day of the party. Instead we source fresh ingredients from the local market as per your order requirement and prepare fresh before the order delivery. Hence, to plan and meet your expectation 100% we recommend to place your order minimum three days in advance.

Will the ordered food items stay hot when deivered?

No. They will be delivered at warm to room temperature. Knowing that it’s a children party order and taking delivery time into consideration, all food items are thoughtfully curated. They stay fresh, tastes good and are fun to eat even at room temperature. From our central kitchen to your party venue, they are packed and delivered in a customized hot bag that can hold large order.
Still as a host you want to serve piping hot food to your little guests, some food items can be re-heated in a microwave or micro oven. Follow the re-heating instructions mentioned in product details on the website. For more details and terms refer to Delivery Policy.

How do I decide on the portion size?

Each food item comes in platter size of 12 units per platter, and in some cases 24 units. You can consider serving of one or two units of a starter food item per child and one unit per child of a main course food item. Best is to decide the portion servings and spread by your judgement, as you know your little guests’ appetite better.

How do I order from Peer Cloche? 

www.peercloche.com is the only place from where you can order Thematic Food, Eatsy& Bitesy Meal Packs, Cakes, Cookies, Beverages, Chocolates, Party Merchandise and more for children party. Peer Cloche has no retail outlets and no at-party catering services.
For food, select a theme, that closely relates with your party theme or browse through our extensive menu items across themes and categories.
Select what you prefer with number of platters and add to cart.
Once you are done with food items, you may also want to select and add your preference for cakes, beverages, chocolates and party merchandise.
Check if you have not missed out on any thing and click check out.
Fill up your personal and shipping details, verify your mobile number, in case if you are our guest customer. Registered user’s can simply browse through their details and can edit if any change.
Re-check the list of everything that you want to order, modify in case you feel that the items are less or more and than click on pay now.
Select your preference for payment – Debit / Credit card or Internet Banking and make payment.
Once the payment is successful, check on the confirmation email from us on the email address provided by you.
Stay assured, everything that you ordered on the Peer Cloche portal – Food, prepared fresh and other items gets delivered to your home / party venue at the time specified by you. 
For more details do check out Ordering, Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Can I cancel or modify my order? 

Yes, you can. Best to do so in the first 24 hours of placing the order. For more details check Ordering, Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Can adults eat food ordered from Peer Cloche?

Yes, most definitely. If children can, than adults can too. But for a change it will not be as spiced up as your regular food, if that’s what you prefer and may need more servings. For a change, it would be more fun to be child like at a children party.

How do I contact Peer Cloche?

If you are customer write to us on customercare@peercloche.com with your suggestions, feedback and enquiries. We take all positively and will reply within 24 hours.
If you are wanting to partner or associate with us, write to us on info@purplepeer.com